When you click the Descendants menu then leaf will show you the descendants for the ancestor listed at the top of the application:

Likewise you can click the Descendants menu in a popup to show a descendant chart for the person you have selected.

In this chart, the father of the family is shown with a blue color at the top left, and his wife directly underneath with a red color. The children are shown horizontally to the right of the father, using blue for males and red for females. Underneath each child is his or her spouse, a small space, and then their children, arrayed vertically. The children, the grandchildren of the person shown at the top of the page, are drawn with a yellow color.

As with the ancestor chart, light colors:

mean that an ancestor still has some work that is needed -- perhaps a missing birth date or missing LDS ordinances. Dark colors:

mean that the ancestor is "complete".

Like the ancestor chart, you can hover and click on descendants in this view.